You made the move, you signed up as a retail client, then made the FREE jump to an ELD, Exclusive Licensed Distributor of Kommunicon products in your own live in territory.


Become Your Best Client

  1. This bears repeating, but first on your list is to become your best, most knowledgeable client. Nothing you will ever do in regards to building your own profitable Business Unit will be more beneficial than using, experimenting, gaining hands on experience with as many of our 8 products as possible. You will soon have some of your personal favorites and that is fine, its a natural progression, one that your own retail customers will also experience. Use as many products on your own website, the webs sites of friends, family members, get hands on experience, as much as you can, as soon as you can.
  2.  Part of the process of becoming your own best client is knowing the answer before the question is asked. When you start to talk to potential clients, start your Prospecting Program, these people will be going through the same learning curve, hopefully you have already experienced, making the questions and answers that will inevitably come up, easier for you to handle, IF you have in fact gone through the same learning curve.
  3. Nothing will beat hands on experience and potential clients that you talk to will quickly recognize you as someone who they can trust and have faith in, if you have gone through the same issues, problems and experiences they are also experiencing. Trying to solve problems and answer injections dealing with the implementation of our products that are new and foreign  to YOU, is not the way to build and grow a profitable business.

Get Out and Experience Your Protected Territory

Strange but true, hop in your car and just drive down the streets of your territory, street after street after street !! Its big isn’t it ! I know you live in the town, city, area that your protected territory is in, but now its different, now you can improve the lives and the profitability of EVERY business that is situated within the boundaries of your Business Unit.

That is how I personally look at the current 8 products that we, Kommunicon offers to every potential retail customer. We offer products that enable web site and business owners to eliminate Customer Drift, give them ways and means to start communications with and continue these conversations with everyone they come in contact with on a daily basis. we offer exceptional original content that should be on very business owners web site, blog, in your entire 100,000 population base territory.

If you do not consider EVERY business wonder a potential retail customer, then you should consider another business opportunity !!

Something that may seem old school, but has been and still will be a powerful building tool for your business, is get a wall size map of your entire Business Unit, yes, a map that sits on the wall in your office, above your desk, some place that is large, visible and something that you can  see and actually interact with. This visualization helps to sink in the size, scope, the profitability of your Business Unit, especially when you start to work on your own version of the Power of One.

One last thought on this point, I decided on setting the size of the ELD’s when I was driving around what could be considered a small town of 80,000 pop, delivering samples of some software samples. I drove for about a half of a day, delivering about 25 samples, talking to people who were in. I realized that it would take me years, to actually Prospect this whole town, and then still not have met everyone. Coupled this experience with my 40 years experience building and training sales and marketing teams, I decided to err on the side of extreme caution and make the ELD’s, Exclusive Licensed |Distributor’s 100,000 population bases.


We have a saying in any successful organization that I have ever been associated with, Prospect or Die !! perhaps not literally, but financially, most definatly.

Starting your Prospecting Program is very easy, simpler, can be done at 2:00 in the morning, weekends, at night, in the morning, whenever you have a spare 15 minutes. Its the best multiplier you will ever encounter in building your own profitable Business Unit.

  1. Imagine you have just bought a tract of land, you know that just beneath the surface, there is gold, but you are not sure where the gold is, its out there somewhere, not just sure where though. Unfortunately there is no electronic way to test the soil, the only way to see if there is gold out there is to just take a shovel, dig a hole and see if there is gold there, simple, effective, but yes, a bit time consuming.
  2. Guess what, that in a nut shell, is the simple easy start to your Prospecting Program. I have good news , every hole you dig, is a potential retail client for your business. if you believe as I do, that at some point in the future, that hole will represent a retail customer, you want to just start digging. Every time you dig a hole, unearth a potential retail customer, you take a name, a number, contact info, web site address, all the usual suspects. You start to compile your own list of potential retail customers in your Business Unit. This list will become Gold, its the start if realizing your own Power Of One profitability stream.