Why Controlling a Protected KOmKard Territory Means More Profits for You.

Here is the script of this audio for those who prefer to read/ read along with the audio.

I want to spend a few moments explaining why we decided to market and expand the KOmKard brand and culture through protected territories and not the way that pretty well everyone else sells products on the Internet, through Affiliate Programs.

For those of you not familiar with Affiliate programs, it’s pretty simple, someone with a product to sell, lets other people put up an Affiliate Banner on their web site, making that person an Affiliate of the owner of the product, when someone clicks on that banner, and buys the product, the Affiliate, receives a percentage of that sale.

There is very little to do to become an Affiliate which is why the failure rate in the Affiliate Industry is astronomically high. Virtually every product or service on the Internet is sold through the Affiliate business model every product EXCEPT KOmKards and here are just a few of the reasons why owning a protected territory in the KOmKard Business Group, KBG, is vastly superior to becoming an Affiliate, without a protected territory.

First and foremost,

EVERYONE who joins the KBG will have a protected territory; which is radically different from becoming an Affiliate.

By controlling a protected territory with KBG, ALL of the sales that originate in that territory are for the benefit of YOU, the person who controls that territory and not to the benefit of the owner of the product, in this case KOmmunicon, the owners of KomKards, which would have been the case if we had decided to go the Affiliate route.

Each Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD, controls a protected territory, each ELD receives the profits from all of the sales in their protected territory, , whether they were directly involved in the sales process to produce those sales or not.

That’s right !

Sales that originate from any protected territory, are for the sole benefit of the Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD, the person who controls that territory.

This is how it works.

Using our example outlined below this audio, Mike is the Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD, for Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, a city with a Population of approx 109,000, the average size of a protected territory for an ELD.

Mike will be building his business within his territory, getting KOmKards out into the market place and raising awareness of KOmKards, resulting in Mike being contacted from interested people wanting to be KOmKard owners. Interested prospects will follow through with Mike and become KOmKard owners.

The more KOmKards out there in the marketplace, in this case Waterbury, the more sales for Mike , all of the sales in this market place, Waterbury , benefit Mike , regardless of where the motivation to become a KOmKard owner may of come from.

If Mike was an Affiliate with any other company, only sales that originate directly from Mike’s efforts, would count for Mike , with the KOmKard protected territory model, ALL of the Sales originating any where within Waterbury , benefit Mike .

See the difference!

With the KOmKard model of protected territories, the more resources, time and effort Mike puts into building his business, the benefits directly benefit Mike, instead of the Affiliate owner, as they would in the Affiliate model.

In fact, in the Affiliate model, the Affiliate owner, the owner of the product, receives ALL of the other sales that will be occurring in Waterbury, to the direct determent of Mike.

Another benefit of the KOmKard protected territory model is competition; the Affiliate owner wants as MANY people in Waterbury selling their product, becoming Affiliates, as they can put in there, the more the merrier, at least for the Affiliate owner!

And why not, their goal is to sell products, not ensure their Affiliates make money, with the KOmKard business model, Mike knows that there is only ONE person in Waterbury that is licensed and allowed to sell KOmKards, Mike and Mike alone.

Another key benefit of protected territories,

“ organic sales “ sales that originate from activities that are not directly attributed to Mike’s effort, they are a result of word of mouth, seeing, receiving a KOmKard, reading about them, hearing about them, as the brand awareness increases, organic sales increase, all directly benefiting Mike due to the KOmKard business model of protected territories.

Organic sales in the Affiliate model, will benefit EVERYONE else, BUT Mike, in Waterbury.

To sum up, when you control a protected territory for a product like KOmKards, you can be assured that your time and effort to promote and build your business will result in ongoing residual profit month after month.

We believe that your time, energy and resources to build and grow YOUR business should be protected, that’s why protected territories are good for you and your future business.

Example of an Exclusive Licensed Distributors, ELD, protected territory.

This example is Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, population, 110,366

The ELD for this protected territory is Mike W, a resident of Waterbury , ELD’s will live in the territory they control.

Waturbury, CT