That’s a good question !

Each ELD, ( Exclusive Licensed Distributor ) will control and develop their own Business Unit with upwards of 100,000 population base to work with.

Over the years, we, here at Kommunicon have developed and built a wide range of businesses, using different business models, franchises, and we have found that the best Business Model has been, when the individual owner operator has a specific protected territory to build and develop.

Each ELD, will have a population base, within a specific geographical area to work with and the end result being, their effort and time will be rewarded with organic, ongoing monthly profits, not found in other Business models. The plans that are available for end users, are monthly reoccurring plans, with residual profits available to each ELD.

Why 100,000 population base? We wanted to ensure that each ELD would be able to reach their sales goals and profit expectations, with a reasonable amount of effort and time expended. We have all seen the sales expectations of other on line businesses, claims that are in the thousands, even millions, not so with our Business model.

We expect that the vast majority of our ELDs, will be able to achieve our , their opening expectations, the Power of One, with part time effort, operating from home, while keeping their current jobs, and or current life style, stay at home parents, working other opportunities.

With 100,000 population base at their discretion, each ELD will be able to follow our Blue Print for Success, achieve their personal goals, regarding sales, market acquisition, profit potential and then decide what their ongoing profits can and will be.