Terminology makes all the difference, as with the Kommunicon Business Opportunity, there are some definitions that you need to know, in order to navigate through the process of getting to know who we are and what our business model is.
First, Kommunicon, Kommunicon.com, is the parent company, where all of the products and ideas and support and the business opportunity flows from. Take a look at our web site, Kommunicon.com, ask questions and most importantly, talk to me, Bryan Beckstead, CEO and Founder of Kommunicon, yes, I, we encourage people like yourself, who have questions and want to know more about us, to actually talk to myself, and others in their own respective Business Units, with people who may be interested in becoming part of the team we are building here.

Okay, what’s a ” Business Unit ” ? Simply put, a Business Unit is a protected geographical area, controlled by an Exclusive Licensed Distributor, 100,000 population, or a Regional Developer, 1,000,000 population, or A Joint Venture Partner, multiples of 1,000,000 population base.

A ” Business Unit ” is a protected territory, controlled by someone who is building their own exclusive business, within the Kommunicon organization. Everyone who is building their own business, their own protected territory, is building their own individual ” Business Unit ”

We have decided to build and grow our organization, through individual, protected territory, for a number of reasons, detailed in more details here, ………………………………………………………………….

Lets look at an example that may make our business model a little more clearer. Joan Smith decides to become a ELD( Exclusive Licensed Distributor), in her home town, which happens to have a population of 110,000 people a perfect size for an ELD. Joans town is called Exeter, so Joan decided to call HER Business Unit, Joan’s Exeter Business Unit ( Individuals controlling a Business Unit can name their Business Unit what ever they wish, personalizing their own Business Unit ).

There are many advantages to becoming an ELD and controlling their own Business Unit, but the main core advantage is the organic sales, or all sales originating from with in each protected exclusive Business Unit is to the sole advantage of the ELD, controlling that particular Business Unit.

This example is outlining what will become the majority of all Business Units, that of ELD’s Exclusive Licensed Distributors controlling approximately, 100,000 population geographical areas. One ELD per 100,000 pop bases, a single person can control multiple 100,000 pop base Business Units, as long as the first one, they physically live in.

Some general notes, part of the process to become an ELD is first becoming a customer ! the best person to market and sell products, is a happy customer, who is familiar with the products and uses them , in his or her own web site, business. Once you have become a Kommunicon retail customer, end user of the products, you can then decide if you want to be the exclusive distributor of Kommunicon products in your geographical area. remember, only one ELD per geographical area, no exceptions.