Welcome to our web site dedicated to bringing Kommunicon products to the world, through independent, exclusive distributors.

The KomKard Business Group business model is unique and very different from the standard Internet method of marketing and selling products, using the Affiliate Network method.

Let me quickly point out why Kommunicon, through our KomKard Business Group, has chosen to expand through our Exclusive Licensed Distributors, instead of using the standard Internet Affiliate Network approach.

Protected Distributorships.

Each Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD, will be granted and control a protected territory/territories of 100,000, population base or more. Each ELD will be the sole marketer in that exclusive territory of all products sold by Kommunicon. All organic sales in that protected territory will be to the sole benefit of that Exclusive Licensed Distributor.

Ongoing Residual Profits

All products marketed by Kommunicon through their ELD’s, provide monthly reoccurring profits. These monthly reoccurring profits are retained by each ELD, in their respective protected territory/territories.

Ongoing Support/Training/Marketing Tools

Each ELD, will be supported, trained and be part of a team of individuals , Regional Developers, Joint Venture Partners, as well as the KomKard Business Group, dedicated helping each ELD, build their own profitable success Business Unit.

Building a Successful Business Unit, with Long Term Residual Profits

When you become and Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD with the KomKard Business Group you now will be building a long term residual profit stream, increasing monthly, building yearly, as you build and grow you business. One of the key benefits of being an ELD, is that ALL sales that occur in your protected territory, will be to the sole benefit of each ELD.

These are just a few benefits that you will derive, from joining our team and becoming an ELD with the KomKard Business Group.

Have questions? Be sure to contact me, yes, by phone, 1-705-250-1161, EST,  email me, bryan@kommunicon.com.

I look forward to talking to you about joining our team today.

Bryan Beckstead
CEO and Founder