I am sure we have all heard about reducing our footprint in our time on earth, a worthy goal for everyone to want to achieve. Briefly, the goal is too have as little negative impact on earth as possible, use a little fossil fuels as possible, reduce our use of electricity, stay away from excessive packaging, use as little as possible the resources here on earth. Hopefully we all do our bit to help pass on Mother earth to the next generation in the best possible condition.

Here is the BUT part, we all, the people building their Kommunicon Business Units, we want to create the LARGEST possible foot print inside our individual Bossiness Units. In this case, SIZE does matter !!


If no one knows you exist, it does not matter how great our products are ,how fantastic the customer service you offer, if no one knows you are there, its a waste of everyone’s time, effort and skills. You need to make an impact, create an ever increasing footprint inside your Business Unit.  Its the only way that you will reach your goals, be profitable, successful and make the kind of positive impact you want to make in your own personal life.

Creating a positive impact is similar to starting a 1,000 mile journey, you take it one step at a time, slow and steady gets you to the end. Creating a positive impact, starting your personal footprint in you BU will be one activity that you should be doing, on a regular, consistent basis.


100,000 population base, that is huge, that is a LOT of people, potential clients, that is some HUGE MASSIVE job, to make an impact on all of those people. No sweat, we have a plan a good one, one that works and one that is going allow you to reach The Power of One, in a reasonable, stress free, amount of time. You can start to make an impact, let people know you exist, a couple of ways, both will work, its up to you which one suits you best.


You can start to sell, right off the bat, you can approach people and ask them to be a client, if they say, no, what’s your next step ??

You can start to introduce yourself to the people, potential clients in you BU, you can send them an email ( personalized, based on their web site, their business, NEVER spam people, its short sighted, does not work and in most places, its simply illegal ), a letter, yes a letter !!, call them, visit them, there is a huge numbers of ways to simply introduce yourself to people, let them know you exist, drop them off a sample of our products, move on.

This process, we call Prospecting, is hugely successful, especially when you have products that have such a wide range of applications, for basically anyone who wants their own business to be more successful. People will only become a client of yours, when they are good and ready, and not a second too soon, that is the reality that we all deal  with, hopefully you accept that and work within that parameter.


On any given day, there will be hundreds, thousands of people, out of your 100,000, who will be receptive to hearing from you, interested in what you have to say, what you have to offer, and will become a client. Our job is easy, find those people, find them on the day/days they will be receptive to us and bang!!, we have a client. Simple, but not easy.

What is easy, is finding potential clients, collecting their contact data, and then start the process of letting them more about you, the products that you have, and how YOU can help THEM, become more successful. This process, this PROSPECTING process, is one that pays huge dividends, if you actually create your own Prospecting Program.  Lets  take 100 ELDS, at random, from all over the world, because we will be, all over the world shortly. Lets follow them from day one, to the end of their first year.


I will guarantee you a few things, GURANTEE that is ;

  1. The most successful ELDS, the top 20 in fact, will ALL have the largest Prospecting data bases, complete with name, numbers, emails addresses, etc, they will have the largest and most complete Prospecting data bases.
  2. The top 20 will also have moved those potential, basically unknown potential prospects off the top rim of their Prospecting Sales Funnels, way down the funnel, with personalized, contact made to more potential prospects, than the less successful ELDS.

They will have spent their time, making their presence known, to more people and on a personalized basis, then less successful ELDS, GURANTEED.

Lots to do and I look forward to working with you, as well as your Regional Developers in helping you make the biggest footprint possible in your Business Unit.