From a mechanical point of view, the simple wedge is one of the strongest but simplistic devices, tools ever invented. A very simple wood wedge, very thin at one end, gradually building in size as it moves to the opposite end of the wedge can divide and split a piece of wood 100’s of times its size. Lets use this powerful , but simple tool to help build and grow our Kommunicon Business Units.

Think of how a tiny small wedge, slipped under a door, hundreds of times its size in weight, can effortlessly hold that massive door in place. The opposite function of a wedge, how a small wedge, put into a crack in a large piece of wood or rock, can when some pressure is applied, split apart that piece of wood or rock. An amazing tool, small, but extremely powerful when and used  properly.

Okay, what does a wedge have to do  with building and growing successful Kommunicon Business Units? Remember, we all, including myself, are building our own Kommunicon Business Units, ELD’s have at least one 100,000 population based exclusive protected territory Business Unit to work with, Regional Developers have 1,000,000 population base Business Units to work with ( including up to 10 ELD’s ) and Joint Venture Partners have Business Units of undetermined size. WE do not compete with each other, we all work together as a collaborative team, the success of one us, is the success of all of us.


When we discus the thin edge of the wedge concept, we are discussing, again,  how we best start and move our Kommunicon Business Units along the road to success. This concept is simple, as simple, but highly effective as the wedge is at doing its job, stopping a huge force, or splitting apart a large object.  Either process is started by the thinnest, smallest part of the wedge and then building slowly, till the thickest part of the wedge ends up finally doing its job.

The way to build a profitable Business Unit, take our projections, goals, training, and break them down to the smallest initial component. For example, we want to sign up new clients, we want as many as possible, the way for that to happen is to acquire the first group, lets say 10 clients. We do not need to sign those 10 up the first day, the first week, nor even the first month. Lets break the goal of 10 clients into smaller intermediate goals, work towards the 10 clients on a gradual scale, just like the wedge, small at first, build momentum and power, we will get there, just like the wedge.

The wedge gets the job done because it uses its actual shape to do the job, we are splitting a piece of wood, the piece of wood is 100 times the size of the wedge, but because of the structure of the wedge, the wood can not defeat the wedge, bit by bit as the wedge  slowly separates the wood, the wood slowly splits and splits till it pops apart and the wedge wins, as it always does.


One way to be guaranteed to have a successful Kommunicon Business Unit is to use the power of the thin edge of the wedge. When you sit down to plan out your strategy to build and grow your profitable Kommunicon Business Unit, always be aware of how you can use the thin edge of the wedge concept to help you get to where you want to be. Breakdown what ever task , goal or objective you have into smaller chunks, work on achieving the smaller chunks first, then add to them as times goes along. Build on you smaller victories, achieve  one, then another, making each victory a bit larger than the last.

The reality is, not everyone who joins us here and becomes part of building their own Business Unit will succeed, that is just a reality of life, to say other wise would be just dishonest.

Okay then, what will separate the people who are successful from the ones that are not?

Adopting and using principles and practices like the thin edge of the wedge concept will be a practice that is adopted by an over whelming majority of people who succeed and a policy not adopted by the ones that fail. It will be that simple.