None of us enters into a process like this, starting a business and expect to fail, that seems not to be an option, yet, the vast number of new business, some 80% plus, fail in less than two years.


The lack of a concrete, written out, well thought game plan to succeed. Its simple really, everyone who joins Kommunicon and myself, to build and grow their own individual Business Unit, regardless of size, has two viable options;

  1. Work their own plan
  2. Work our plan
  3. I  suppose there is a third option, work no plan, buts lets say that is not REALLY an option.

OKAY now what?

I am not sure what would be the point of throwing in with us, if you planned to work your own plan, knowing that we have clearly outline that one of the MAIN benefits of working with us here, is that we have a long, very long history of successfully bringing our own products to market, through successful, profitable exclusive distributorships, just like the one you have right now.

Lets work this scenario through, to its conclusion. You decide to join us here, you sign on as a retail customer, you then decide to become an ELD, check out that the territory you want is available, it is, you now are the ELD for your town, city, area, now lets get started.

There is nothing in the ” rule book ” that says, demands requires you to follow our successful  program, so you start to work your plan. Lets fast forward , say, 6 months.

How are you doing ? If you are happy, have retail customers, are making money, then we are all glad for you. That will happen, lets be clear on that, the issue is, what if you are not happy, do not have retail customers and you are not making money, what do we do then. Its difficult to help people in the organization that are not on board with what we know is a successful program, if you are not following our program.


Even an average plan, followed is better  than a perfect plan, ignored. I have taken some snippets from other great quotes and put them into this somewhat meager one, but my point is clear, follow our already established, proven, successful plan, the results will astound you, if not make you really happy !!!!

Okay, may astound was a tad much, but the happy part is true. I have seen the Power of One work again and again, thousands of times , over and over again, WHY?

Its simple, effective, easy, it works because of its simplicity, it works because its obtainable within the frame work of everyone who is starting to, will start to build and grow their own Business Unit.

  1. Everyone can start to build their own data base, Prospecting files of potential clients within their Business Unit. Its simple, go on line, grab a sales directory, telephone directory, even walk down the street with your Crackberry, a piece of paper and a pen, start writing, typing, texting, EVERYONE can do this.
  2. Start introducing yourself to the people in your Prospecting files, on line, over the phone, in person, its simple, this is who I am, this is what I have to help you become more successful, have a great day.
  3. Can I send you over some information that you might find useful on your web site, your Blog, your Newsletter, your print/media marketing tools, start to get your products into the hands of the people that you will benefit from having access to, again, have a great day !!

None of the above activities is out of the reach of anyone, anyone that is serious about building their business and building their Prospecting data base files.


That’s a mouthful, but it means, lots of little chunks of tie and effort, strung together can create very powerful results.

Most of us will still be working full time jobs, most of us will have families, other obligations, so we need to be able to chuck off small blocks of time to get things accomplished, to work our plan.

Instead of trying to set aside an hour, try to set aside 4 blocks of 15 minutes. You will be amazed what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, you can add 5 new names, companies to your prospecting data base, over time, that number becomes 50, 100, 200 names of potential customers that you will be able to Prospect more effectively because of the ground work you have already done.


This is just a small part of our plan, its simple, its easy, it works and its something that thousands and thousands of ELD’s, Exclusive Licensed Distributors will be doing all over the world.

Come join us.