I think Albert E said it best, the definition of insanity is doing the same activity over and over again and expecting different results.

We have all found ourselves in a rut, unable, unwilling to change but getting more and more frustrated at achieving the same poor, unsatisfactory results. If you want different results, start doing different  activities.

It would be simplistic of me to say, if you want to improve, better your life, achieve different results, just join us here at Kommunicon, become an ELD, maybe a Regional Developer, Joint Venture Partner, and your life will suddenly be better. Nice try !!!


Hope is a very powerful emotion, as long as your hope is based in some realistic reality. Becoming an ELD will give you hope, a very real opportunity to change and enhance your life.

Here is what we offer you ;

  1. An opportunity to be involved in a group of like minded people, all with the same goals and hopefully, all of them following our proven successful Prospecting Program to build and grow their own successful Business Units. We have a Business Model, the way we will build and grow our own individual Business Units, regardless of size, is a proven successful model, time tested over more than 40 years of success.
  2. Take advantage of the ongoing support and training available to everyone in the organization, my own BB’s Komkard Business Unit. I will be available as well as your Regional Developer, perhaps a Joint Venture Partner, in helping you become as successful and profitable as you want, based on your time and effort in building your own BU.
  3. The best possible products available to help our clients, build and grow their own businesses and  web sites. Our current products, as well as future products that we will be adding, form the basis of our clients having access, daily to content and web site tools that will enrich their visitors, current and future customers .
  4. Our people, products and processes, all form to make your participation in what ever size Business Unit will make sense to you, an opportunity to excel, build and grow to the level and degree that you have determined will make a difference in your life.

I think when anyone looks at a Business Opportunity, they look at the opportunity and ask themselves a simple question; Is this going to work for me ??

Lest break down our business opportunity and look at, the product, the people, the process to become successful, have I missed anything?


That is the simple part, we currently have 8 great products, all proven to help business owners, web site owners build and grow their business, by attracting more visitors to their web sites, keeping those visitors engaged longer and because of that longer engagement, they turn more visitors into paying customers, pretty simple really.


You can look at this a few ways, first, the people here at Kommunicon, myself primarily, when it comes to supporting and working with people building their own BU’s, within my Bu, BB’s KomKard Business Unit. My role is very simple, do my best to convey to you, the systems, polices, procedures,  the way thousands of people just like you, have come before you and built their own successful owner operated Businesses.

That is what I do best, this is what I have been doing for over 4o years, helping people bring products that I have developed and bring them successfully and profitably to market. It is because of my past experience that we are all looking forward to having Kommunicon  and our products, current and feature, to the world, through thousands and thousands of ELD’s all over the world.

That brings me to you, the other half of the people equation here. Regardless of where your ELD is, ( Exclusive Licensed Distributorship) you will be, at some point, bordering several other ELDs. all doing the same activities and trying to reach similar gaols as yours. Past experiences have shown me, that this type of shared common synergy builds powerful bonds resulting in shared ideas, results and support that propels everyone to greater success and profitability.

The Process

We have a simple, battle proven process, its focused around our Prospecting Program, simple, pragmatic, easy to implement and  highly effective. You do not want to plow the same field we have plowed over the last several decades, why bother? Follow a proven successful program, save yourself the time and effort that we have already expended, work with us on what we know works, it saves everyone time and effort, especially yours .

Lets get back to insanity, the definition. If what you have been doing, up to this point in your life, is not producing the results you want, make some changes. We would like to have you join us here, at Kommunicon, that would be great, if not, at least make some changes in other areas of your life, to realize the sort of life you have been seeking, but have yet been  unable to find.


Best of luck in what ever direction you decide to go.