Good news, Kommunicon will look vey different in 6 months, a year from today ( In real time, November 20th, 2016)

I learned this lesson the hard way, several times in my business career, if you think you have arrived, if you think that things will always be profitable, positive, rethink that position, really quickly !

I am happy with Kommunicon and our 8 products today, not so much even a few months from today. The great news is, we will all be moving forward, as we must, in order to stay relevant, take advantage of ever changing technologies, how people will build and grow their own personal businesses.


Priority One

I wake up and make sure that during every day, I spend time on making our current products, the best possible products for our customers. It may include working on the web site, looking at how we make our products available, how people are using our products, what can I do EVERY day, to make Kommunicons current products, more relevant, more functional, what can I do to help our clients use and benefit from our products.

In this endeavour, feedback from Business Units is critical. Business Units are on the front line, dealing with clients on a daily basis. The day we become complacent, is the day we start to be irrelevant and that is something that will not happen under my watch.

Priority Two

The same days I am working on who and what we are offering our clients TODAY, I am working on the next reincarnation of our current products and products yet to be created. As I have said, Kommunicon will look very different in 6 months, in a years time. We will still be offering our clients our core products, products that will help them make their web sites more people friendly, products that will help them retain their current customer base and to generate even more customers in the future.

Our new product, changes to our current products, I do not know what those new products will be, what changes we will make, I just know that we will have new products, we will be making changes.

Knowing ones strengths and weaknesses is important in business. For me, its important to listen to the feedback from Business Units, particularly in areas that I am not the strongest in.

I look forward to talking to and getting feedback from YOU, from people who have grown up, texting before they could write, using computers and crackberries, before they were in public school. This is a culture and a lifestyle that is not my strong suite, YET we will build a world wide Business Unit together, profitable, successful enabling all of us to reach and obtain our own personal goals and  success.