Okay,  that dates me, a bit, maybe a lot, for those who have no idea what that means, its not important, what is important is, if you start to Prospect, and continue to do so, while you are an Kommunicon ELD, your  worries are over.

I don’t like to make guarantees, and promise certain profit potentials, that can be risky, what I will do is say that if you follow our Business Model here, and especially follow our Prospecting Program, you will be in store for steady, sustainable profits, on a monthly basis. I can make that claim, based on over 40 years of working with people on building their own business ranging from Franchises, Distributorships, owner operators, just like you, the successful ones all had one quality in common, they followed our Prospecting Program and they all prospered.

Lets look at some details of why you will be successful, if you follow our proven successful Prospecting Program.

FIRST, There are No Secrets, its a proven successful application of sound business practices that ensure the success of those that follow it.


A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step, or a successful Prospecting Program is based on starting early, and keep at it. As an ELD, you have a 100,000 people/businesses to Prospect, that’s a big task, so start at it, keep at it, stay the course and start counting your monthly residual profits !!

Its simple, but don’t let that fool you, developing a Prospecting Program starts with identifying your potential clients, who usually businesses that will want to  use your/our products to help them become more successful. If you use that criteria to start with, you should start to create a data base, your Prospecting Programs list of EVERYONE who is in your protected territory, starting with businesses.

This is where your belief and use of our products will come in handy. With 8 products currently available, with more to be added as we grow and expand, there is a product or two, or more, that will be of value to EVERYONE, everyone that is looking to build and grow their business to increase the size and profitability of their business, so using our products is a no brainer.

Your Prospecting Programs data base will; be a gold mine, its that simple. Using your personalized Prospecting Program data base, you will be able to bring your products directly to the people who need them the most, business owners in your own protected exclusive territory.


Clearly, the larger your Prospecting Programs data base of business owners in you Business Unit, the greater the chances you have a signing up clients, that only makes sense. Adding to your PP Data base will be an ongoing activity, one that will have a direct bearing on your success and profitability. There will be a huge number of activities that you will be doing, interacting with your data base, but for now, lets just look at creating this data base.

Each name in your PP data base is similar to a seed, that a framer would plant, the more seeds, the greater the yield, again, something that makes perfect sense and is very logical. The question remains, how many names do YOU want in your data base, how many is enough?

The simple answer is, everyone, you want to create a data base of EVERY potential client in your 100,000 person Business Unit. To accomplish this task, compiling a data base of EVERYONE, businesses to start, in your Business Unit sounds like a massive undertaking and it probably is, the good news is, we do this as an ongoing part of our weekly tasks. we start to compile this PP data base as part of building the base on top of creating our profitable sustainable monthly profits.


How how are you, could I send you an email outlining how my products will help YOUR business be more successful, create more profits and stem the flow of customers who are drifting away from your business ? ……………….. Great, will send that email off to your right now, nice to meet you, take a look and let me know what you think.

This is the start of you becoming a successful ELD and turning potential leads, into actual paying clients.

Part of  our Prospecting Program is turning prospects into clients, that, of course is the end game, making money, having clients sign up for one of our Plans, start to enjoy the benefits that we can provide, and keeping paying monthly, creating that steady monthly sustainable profit stream that we have all been looking for.

You have spent time, your energy and resources in creating your own prospecting program data base of potential clients, you now want to start to mine that base, you want to turn maybes, into confirmed paying clients.

I will go into more detail about those steps in an other post, but for now, I want to let you in on a secret of highly successful business owners that I have trained, been in business with and shared in our mutual success.

The secret is simple, your goal when contacting and approaching potential clients is not to make the sale, not to cold call them, not to list benefits, but to  simply avoid FORCING them to say no to you !

YES, this is the number one mistake that practically everyone makes when they start a business, they rush out and basically, force 98% of the people they talk to, to say NO to them, before that have been given a chance to say yes.

Think about it.

More about why YOU will not be making that mistake shortly.