Some times its that easy.

You will read and hear a lot about Prospecting and our Prospecting Program, for good reason. I am hanging my hat, the success of my entire Business Unit, which is the whole world, on the application and the success of  all ELD’s,  Regional Developers and my Joint Venture Partners and their ability to follow, implement and eventually become highly successful, due to their individual Prospecting Programs.

Some people would say I am putting all my eggs, in a world wide basket and I would say, its more akin to me putting my trust in a program that has been successful for the last 40 years, it will be successful, for the next 40. Before you tech no wizards sputter yourselves into convulsions, we use modern day technology of course, but the basics, the rubber meets the road reality is, if it works and works exceedingly well, why try to fix it ?  As part of my ongoing support, which our Prospecting Program is one of the main linchpins, here are a few pointers to bear in mind as I hope you are plowing ahead, working on your own personal PPs;

Movement is the Key

View your Business Unit as a giant funnel, your entire 100,000 pop base or larger, is perched on the top lip of the funnel, got that image in your head, good, lets move on. The goal is simple, move EVERYONE down to the next level, below the top lip, to do this you turn strangers into potential clients by collecting their contact info, name, email, company name, telephone number etc.  Next, move EVERYONE down to next level by making some sort of personal contact, anything, email ( personalized, for real ), telephone call, visit, anything that will make that potential client into someone that you are starting to form a face to face, voice to voice connection with.

Of course, you will not be able to move every one of your 100,000 Business Unit to the next level, but the goal and the realistic goal is to create as large as possible data base of your entire Business Unit, on an ongoing basis as you can muster. The key is movement, downward, you want to move downward, the potential people in your BU that will eventually become clients. the larger that data base is,  the number of potential clients you have, the  consistent movement of that potential client base base downward, closer to becoming clients, will ensure signed up paying clients and profitability.

Great Results Come from the Right Activities

If you are active and you are doing the right activities, the results will come, guaranteed !! I am believer, because I have been the benefactor of seeing this Prospecting Program in place, in action, through thousands of people I have been privileged to work with over the years. You will soon be part of a huge world wide group of Kommunicon Business Units, reaching their goals and being successful, financially, its going to be satisfy and enriching and fun, for all of us. Can’t wait for it to happen.

Okay the right activities. Anything that you do, in the process of creating and building your Prospecting Program Data base, will be helpful, within reason !! Example, when you come across a person, web site, business that you can see a direct, immediate application of anyone of our products, speak out, let them know about you, your business, how you would like to be part of their success, by providing our products to them. Drop them a line, email, phone, visit, letter, any way you feel it would be appropriate to let them know about you and what benefits you can bring to them, in their journey to be successful. Its simple, easy and effective, and it works.

These type of exchanges that I just described above, only occur when you are out there, in your BU, doing the right activities, at the right time, in the right place. Wonderful results will happen, when you are actively building your BU, we have a plan, it works and its there for you to reap the rewards and benefits, make it happen !!


When I have the chance to meet you at a Sales and Marketing event, an instructional seminar, convention, Caribbean Getaway, the talk in the halls, at meals, on the beach will be, ” How is your Prospecting Program going ? ” This  will be one of the main topics of formal as well as informal conversations, why, because successful and profitable Business Units will be formed on the shoulders of successful Prospecting Programs. I  Look forward to having one of chats with you, soon.