If you have been around for even a short time, you surely have heard about the importance of starting your won Prospecting Program, if not, here is another example of why you should.

Prospecting means you are gathering the data that you need to become successful and profitable, namely the names, contact info of potential clients in your Business Unit. Your Business Unit could be a single ELD, or a Regional Developers 1.000.000 pop base, or perhaps a Joint Venture Partner, who’s protected territory could be multiple millions, regardless of size, we all need to Prospect. As we say in the trenches, Prospect or Perish.

YOUR Prospect Funnel.

We all know what your typical plastic funnel looks like, wide at the top, narrowing gradually as it starts the narrow funnel part, that eventually empties into what every vessel you are pouring your liquid or solid. Nothing fancy here, but very effective for the applications it was created for. Same goes for your Prospecting Funnel.

I have always found that when people have a conceptual idea of what they should be doing, things move along at a much quicker pace and the results match that pace as well.

So lets go !!!  Imagine that all of your Business Unit population, regardless of the size, are perched on the very top lip of you Prospecting Funnel, there  they are, all sitting on the top lip of your Prospecting Funnel, their feet dangling down into the funnel, got that image in your head?

Okay, before we move on, the goal here, is to slide everyone slowly down the funnel, till they all get to the bottom, just before the slip into the neck of the funnel, got that image ?? Okay, next when they slide down the neck of the funnel and out the bottom, that’s when they are officially a confirmed, paying monthly customer. That’s the goal, we want to work everyone down the funnel, down  into the neck out the bottom, a bona fide monthly paying client.

How Does it Work ?

Simple, start your Prospecting Activities. You want to turn strangers, into prospects, you do that by taking strangers and at least, start with name, contact info, you are identifying prospects and moving them slightly down your Prospecting Funnel, to the next lip, just below the stranger lip. Strangers become Prospects when you have identified them by name, contact info, its that simple.

This is a really a  pivotal part in your Prospecting, this is when you start to act like a business person who is laying a proper base for their future success and profitability. From your Prospecting activities will come a GURANTEED successful Business Unit. I don’t say GURANTEED very often, but when it comes to building a successful and profitable Business Unit, there really is only one way to reach that success, and it flows through having a Prospecting Program in place.

Remember our conversation about knowing your numbers ? This is where these two activities join up and work for you. You will quickly see a correlation between how large your data base of potential clients is and how many actually clients you have. Small or non existent Prospecting data base of potential clients, no sales, large base of potential clients, surprise, actual clients, maybe even a large number of clients. Years and years of working with thousands of people just like the people who joined up to be ELD’s, Regional Developers and Joint Venture Partners, has show me that successful people follow a successful program, its that simple.

Why A Funnel ?

Why use a funnel as a tool to build a profitable Business Unit. We have been using a Funnel as an example for many years, mainly because its how generating clients actually works. Part of the process to turn strangers into paying clients is the gradual transformation from stranger to paying client, same dog, different fleas concept. The business and products change, the transformation process does not.  From stranger to client, may take a month, several months, 6 months, but it happens, when you properly prospect. More, much more on this  as we move forward.


Get those strangers off the top lip of your Prospecting Funnel where the strangers are and  move them down to the prospect lip, get their name, contact info, into your data base, spread sheet, paper and pencil files, it does not matter where they go, just get them there !!