Plan Big, Work Small, is the foundation that I have been able to build a wide range of highly successful companies over the last 40 some years. Let me explain.

We all want to be successful but success is a relative term. What you may deem to be successful for example, making enough extra I money a month to pay for a new care lease,  $ 300.00per month, would not be considered successful to someone who wants to quit their current job and start their new business in a year, requiring $ 100,000 in profits.  Both however, require to implement the Plan Big, Work Small concept.

Regardless of which person you pick, in terms of what constitutes success, they both have to pass a critical threshold, they both have to get started and make that critical dollar one. This may seem like a no brainer, it makes sense that to get to either end goal, they both have to make dollar one, and get started, this is probably the number ONE stumbling block of any person starting their own business, looking to achieve their own personal financial goals.

Its hard to want to achieve a lofty goal, have your eye on the big picture, then have to start way down the line, look at how you are going to get there and realize that the journey starts at the beginning, making that crucial fist sale, generating that first dollar, BUT, after dealing with thousands and thousands of self employed business owners over the years, what separates the winners from  the losers, is the ability to get busy, making that first sale.

Here are 4 steps to putting the Plan Big, Work Small concept into place with your own

Kommunicon Business Unit ;

1.   Become your best customer.  Start working small by adding as many Kommunicon products to your own personal web site, or the web site/web sites of people you know. The best possible foundation you will have to build and grow your own Business Unit will be you, becoming your best customer. Your personal use of Kommunicon products you will be marketing and selling to your potential clients will be indispensable to you as you start your Prospecting activities.

2.  Prospecting activities.  Start early and do them often, the best way to start small is by getting the word out in your Business Unit that you are in fact in business and ready to service your Business Unit. Prospecting activities can be as simple as sending out some emails to potential clients, posting on some local web sites, describing you, your new business and the products that you offer. Prospecting activities can be something small, but you want to be consistent at it, a bit each day adds up.

3. Break it down into bite size pieces. Regardless of what your end goal is, number of customers, dollar value, size of profits, you need to start the process, get some sales, then build on that success. For example, you want to have 12 clients, The Power of One,  with recurring monthly profits,  and you want to reach that goal by the end of the year, a reasonable goal and a reasonable time frame from which to achieve that goal in.

This one is simple, a customer a month and you will have it made. Every month, every thirty days, you need just one client to achieve your goal of 12 for the year.

4.  Lay the proper foundation.  Success in any business venture depends upon your personal skill set, skills that are required to be successful and to run a profitable business. Being successful and running a profitable Kommunicon Business Unit, regardless of the size, will hinge on YOU, being skillful operator.   Laying the proper foundation and making that crucial first sale, is what will determine your future success.  Follow the Systems, Polices and Procedures laid out here on this Blog, as well as the other materials that you will be provided, follow them, then get good at them, and then become proficient, success will follow.

I have only touched on this critical concept in this short post, will be coming back to this concept again and again……………………….. WHY ??

When I talk to you, as I hope I am able, when we meet at conferences, talk on the phone, this concept and its impact on your Business Unit and your success, will be at the forefront. Building a successful Kommunicon Business Unit will hinge on how well you are able to drill down into your daily activities and how well you are able to work small, how well you are able to get started, keep what is important in focus and then simply get proficient at the activities that will make you successful and profitable.


Your future profitability starts with customer one, dollar one.