Business is all about numbers and especially knowing your numbers and using them to your advantage to create the maximum profits for yourself.

100,000 Population Base, Exclusive Licensed Distributors Business Unit

You are going to see a lot of info about ELD’s and their Business Units, the reason for this is simple, they form the base, the foundation of the entire Business Opportunity for EVERYONE, including myself, Bryan Beckstead CEO, Founder of Kommunicon and BB”s KomKard Business Group. Lets get specific, shall we

  1. If there are no ELD’s there is simply no business for anyone. ELD’s drive sales , pure and simple, Yes, there will be organic sales ( sales made off of the main Kommunicon web site, attributed to each and every ELD, whose Business Unit those sales occur, but the bulk of sales will originate in the Business Units that have an effective, active ELD ).
  2. The most effective way to drive sales, make profits obtainable for ELD’s is to make sure thy have the best possible Business Model to draw on. We have, without doubt, the most effective, sales driven effective Business Model on the Internet today, bar none. Drawing on over 40 plus years of sales, marketing and business development experience, ELD’s will have the best support and empowerment team working with them to ensure profits will be generated in line with their personal involvement.
  3. Each ELD will  control their own specific geographical Business Unit of 100,000 population base. What does this really mean? The easiest way to describe this is to show you what happens when a retail sale takes place. All retail sales take place through the main web site of Kommunicon, interested people follow the simple prompts and sign up for one of our plans, shown here…………………………. Once that happens, the following procedures take place;   1. The sale will have taken place in one of the countries we are launching in, lets take Canada as our example ( hone country of Kommunicon ) , the computer will find the country that the sale originated in, in this example its Canada, the computer then searches for the breakdown of existing Business Units in Canada, there will be 4 possible Business Units, the first one will be BB’s Komkard Business Group, the  one that I am working to develop, I will make the profit available to that Business Unit, next, the computer will look for the ELD that is controlling the Business Unit that the sale was made in, if that BU has an ELD controlling it, then a sale is made by that ELD, its that simple.

Control, being an ELD is important on a number of levels. Controlling an Exclusive Licensed Distributorship, a Business Unit means you control ALL of the retail sales in that BU regardless of the origin. Clearly, the amount of effort, time and work you, an ELD put into your ELD will greatly enhance you sales, but, you need to be in a  position to also benefit from the work you do, as it builds and grows, you need to be able to benefit from those residual sales, a benefit that you can only achieve when you are the sole beneficiary to those sales thorough a business model found with Kommunicon.

IMPORTANT.  One ELD per retail sale. Each retail sale, in each ELD Business Unit will be to the benefit of ONE ELD only. The same hold trues for Regional Developers and Joint Venture Partners. We all benefit profitably, when we are working as a team, working individually as well as jointly to help each other build their own Business Units, within the larger frame work of each others BU.

Example. Carol is the Joint Venture Partner, building her Business Unit, called Carols New York BU, with myself, BB’s KomKard Business Group, we are working with Bob, who is the ELD for Smith Falls New York, a town with 112,000 population base. Each sale made in Bob’s Business Unit, in Smith Falls, Bob’ receives the monthly reoccurring profit for that sale, as well as all of the other organic sales made monthly. Any profits that Carol or I make, are SEPERATE from Bob’s, we do not compete with Bob, for his profits, they are his alone, remember, each sale, one ELD only.

Kommunicons Business Model creates a win win for everyone, Bob wins because he has at least two people that are interested in making Bob as profitable as possible, making Bob  it, we are not a charity !!