Being in business for yourself, means knowing and then relying on your numbers to help you become successful and profitable. there will be a number of posts on this topic and this one will deal with a simple formula that will guarantee your success, yes, guarantee it !!

For our example below, we will be using a single ELD, Exclusive Licensed Distributor, controlling a single territory of 100,000 population base. The same formula will work for any size and any type of Komkard Business Unit.

I learned this simple but extremely powerful marketing tool many years ago and this formula has served me well as well as thousands and thousands of other self employed business people I have had the privilege of working with and helping to become successful over the years, here it is;


Its simple, a certain amount of activity to generate potential clients, then presenting to that group of leads will equal confirmed clients.

Lets break this down;


This means, you generate a mass of potential leads, leads that come to you because of a certain amount of activity on your part. Lets label that activity 100 x, nothing specific about the label, but we need to have something to work towards. This 100 x could be anything that you do, in your protected territory to generate interest in your business, any type on online, print ad,  writing blog comments, any social networking, sending out emails to business owners, using any number of your. our own products, all with email and web site back links, signature adverts, the list is endless and is only limited by our imagination.

You need to arrive at the amount of activity YOU need to generate, to end up with a pile of interested leads. You s wanted volume of interest at this point, numbers are important, quality of the leads will sort themselves out latter.


This is when you start to wade through the leads, the interest that has come from your Prospecting Activity. You pick up the phone, send an email, get back to your prospects and answer their questions, send them some samples, help them understand what YOU can do fro them, how you and our 8 products can help them become more successful at what THEY do.

Lets assign another number to the actual presentations that we need to do, to generate a confirmed client. This number will be much lower than the 100x representing the volume of potential prospecting leads we generate . This number is arrived at individually, its difficult to assign a number to these presentations, but on AVERAGE, its around 10 to one, if not lower. For every presentation you make, you may have to go through upwards to about 10 prospects. Again, this is an average, you may be lower, you may be higher, but this is a guideline to work towards.

These presentations are not about you selling them anything, its a about you seeing if what we have available will help them become more successful at what they are attempting to do.  Its that’s simple. if you can help them, they will become a client, if we can not, we wish them the best on their journey and we move on. We still want to keep in touch, we still want to see, if at some point down the line we can help them, its about being of value to them, this is what makes us different from the other people simply hawking products on the Internet.


We know have our coveted confirmed client. To secure this one client, we had to follow this simple formula, we had to do some prospecting activities, we then generated some prospect leads, we then did some qualifying presentations which resulted in a single client.

REMEBER, this is a formula and this is a process that has stood the test of time, thousands upon thousands of people have used this same simple formula to reach success, it works and it will work for you.

The reality will look like this, you prospect to fund interested people, you talk to those interested people and you secure client for your business.

It looks like this  34, 9, 1. You generate 34 leads, you talk to 9 of them you have a client.

You want two clients a month, your goals look like this, 68, 18,2.

You want three clients a month, your goals look like this, 102,27,3.

Trust this simple, effective formula, you put your own numbers in place, and then you just keep repeating the process as your client base increases monthly.