How We Stop Customer Drift In Your Business

By positioning you in front of your customers and then keeping you there on a weekly basis.

Once positioned in front of your customers, we keep you there by opening up content rich dialogues with your customers and keeping these dialogues ongoing with our permission-based weekly and monthly branded email products.

Our products are branded with your business image and message.

Customers, who feel ignored and taken for granted, soon become ex-customers.
This is a reality we all face as business owners.

Changing this reality requires staying in contact with current customers in a meaningful way, between transactions with your business.

Our Solution:  Our opt-in, permission based programs put you in front of your customers on an ongoing weekly schedule and keeps you there.

We position you in front of your customers, continually working to make sure you stay positioned there.  This goal is accomplished utilizing products branded with your name and message, on a weekly and monthly schedule.

The best part?  Your customers opt-in.

They want relevant content rich material and they appreciate the fact that it comes courtesy of your business.

The Result:  You stay in contact with your customers, weekly – monthly, in a financially sustainable fashion.  Your current customers become your future profit-generating customers.

This is how we do it:

Step One

Utilizing our  products, software program and platform, Branded with you business image and message,  we work with you opening up a dialogue with your current customers, including  your Target Market, basically anyone you wish to stay in contact with.

Step Two

We do the rest.

Client Drift can be slowed down, set back on its heels and reduced to the lowest possible negative impact on your business, starting in the next 24 hours.

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NOTE  This excerpt is part of our White Paper on how we, Kommunicon helps our clients reduce and in some cases stop Customer Drift in its tracks.