Here is a list of our current Products and how our retail clients will be able to access them.

All clients, regardless of the Package they pick, will be sent login information to our Membership Site, where they will be given access to the products in their respective Package according to the following parameters.

#1. Website content.

Website content will be available daily. Using this web set content will be a simple matter of cutting and pasting the content, and then using the content in any fashion you choose. Simply brand, add any additional material, your contact  info, advertising, additional links, and you have total freedom to use on any platform, in any manner you choose.

We write content-you brand it !!

# 2  Social Media.

Social Media content will be available daily. Again, a simple matter of cutting and pasting this content, and using the content on any platform, in any fashion you choose. Brand our content, make it yours with branding with any info you wish to add to our existing content. Your Social Media content will be pointing back to your web site and your new article available daily.

#3  Subscription Campaigns.

New content daily, one for each Subscription Campaign, one for each day of the week. Load  our content into any free plug in auto responder and send out to your subscribers.  Brand our content with any message, info, advertising you wish to add. Subscription Campaigns are stand alone pieces, with links back to your web site.

#4  Opt-In – Systems

Opt-in Systems offerings are  provided on a monthly basis, once you download that months offering, their  available on all of your platforms daily. You will be emailed a  PDF/PSD file with that months offering. Op-In offerings are easily branded with links pointing back to your web site, Social Media accounts, any where you want to point them.

#5  Freebies Program

A new Freebie will be available monthly. This new monthly Freebie will be emailed to you, in a PDF/PSD file. New monthly Freebies are great for Social Networking posts, add to your Opt-In-Systems, use them any where you choose, their all yours !

#6  E-Book Ownership

A fresh new E-Book will be emailed to you in a PDF/PSD file monthly. This new monthly E-Book will the ideal vehicle to reach out to previous clients and  keep them engaged with your organization. A superb branding tool, with the right mix of value to your current  clients, plus reinforcing your ongoing message to anyone you want to stay in contact with.

#7  Newsletters

A new Newsletter template, filled in with new content, will be emailed to you monthly. This Newsletter template will have open areas, ready for you to brand and fill in with ads, messages from you, updates on your organization, cut and paste and you are done.

#8 Viral Komkards

Due to the personalization required for each Komkard, you will be  contacted directly by the ELD in your area and they will work with you in establishing your own Komkard by phone and email. Komkards are available on all of your platforms and devices, for FREE, 24/7.