Becoming an Exclusive Licensed Distributor is as simple as one, two three.

  1. Become a retail customer, signing up for any one of these Plans, Become Social, Premium, Go Viral.
  2. Contact us, see if the geographical area you live in is available.
  3. If it is, congratulations, you become the ELD, Exclusive Licensed Distributor in your area.

There is ONLY ONE ELD, per 100,000 population geographical area. This avoids more than one ELD marketing and selling in one area and also ensures that each ELD receives credit for ALL organic sales  in their respective protected Distributorship.

As long as there one registered retail customer in the territory you are controlling, you remain in control of that territory and receive the monthly ELD reoccurring profit for that entire territory. Initially, that one retail customer will be you, registering for one of our Plans and becoming your first customer.


Simple, you no longer have to continue to pay to be a retail customer and your Business Unit, you becoming an ELD is now free as well !!

WHY ? We are looking for people who are prepared to make a commitment to working with us, in building successful Business Units, working with committed people who will follow our program, work with us, their Regional Developers and Joint Venture Partners, in actually developing and building their own independent Business units.

By rewarding new ELD’s the opportunity to reward  themselves, with their own hard work, they can quickly reduce their own financial obligation to becoming an ELD,. by building their business and acquiring clients to start their own monthly reoccurring profit streams, The Power of One , just became a reality.

The logistics are simple, once you become a retail customer, you contact us, as long as your are the first person to contact us regarding the area you live in, we register you as the ELD, in that geographical area of 100,000 population. Each month you remain a retail customer and work with us in developing your Business Unit, you remain in control of that area and all of the resulting organic sales ( organic means, sales from your efforts and all other sales as well).

With the signing of your first retail customer ( plans Become Social, Premium, Go Viral ), you now become a retail customer and control your Business Unit for free. ( once we receive the registration from your first retail customer, in the following month, your payment for your Business Unit, registration for your personal retail plan, is cancelled by Kommunicon)

As long as you,  the ELD for your Business Unit has at least one retail customer, you remain a retail customer, your Plan is free and most importantly, your remain the ELD for your territory.