What’s a cookie cutter opportunity ?

When a baker is making cookies, they want a fast, efficient way to make them, so, they layout their cookie dough on their baking table, and take a metal cookie cutter, in the shape that they want, perhaps  a Santa shape for some Christmas cookies, they then quickly and efficiently, press out, with their metal cookie cutter, their Santa shaped cookies, one after another.

So why is having our opportunity, a cookie cutter opportunity, helpful in  creating success Business Units a good thing for us, you as well as  myself.


You can be assured of a successful formula, to build and grow your business. Systems, polices, procedures, that are tried and true, by thousands of other people who have before you, following their path, success is achievable, real and obtainable. The guess work has been eliminated, no plowing the same field over and over again, hoping something will work, you get out of the gate, fast and you can be assured, you will be doing tasks that will give you the results you want.


On every side of your Business Unit, regardless of size, there will eventually be at least 4 other people, just like you, using the game plan to reach their personal success goals. What each persons goals are, how they get there will follow the same path as you. It will be immensely helpful to you, to be able to talk to, even see and meet other people in the Kommunicon organization, building and growing their Business Unit, with the same game plan as you. Compare notes, see how they are progressing, offer insights that you have gathered , tell them what is working best for you, lean on them, as they will lean on you. As we grow and mature as an organization, there will be Business Units that will emerge as more successful than others, that is inevitable and will benefit the entire organization. Having access to everyone in the organization, knowing that they are building and growing using the same SPPs as you ( Systems, Policies and Procedures ) , you can pick up valuable hands on experiences from people who are doing exactly what you are, this is the real advantage of being in a business opportunity that has the aspects of being a cookie cutter operation.


You will be working, developing, growing your Business Unit, surrounded by other people, pretty much like yourself. I think we all have, generally speaking the same goals in mind, a better life for ourselves, for our families, an opportunity to have a  life style that we may not enjoy now. In our opportunity, no one competes with anyone else, thus, protected secure territories, no one has to share their profit with anyone, EVERY sale you make, you are guaranteed the full listed profits, no sharing, no competing with the people around you, someone across the country.

With everyone having their own protected Business Unit, the success of those around you, can only benefit and enhance your Business Unit. Word travels fast in the business community, someone who is happy with their Kommunicon products on one side of town, will tell of their success using our profits to people in their sphere of influence. That means, as the success of those around you rises, so will the potential of people having a  business in your Business Unit signing up as clients, in your protected territory. Success breeds more success, work with the people around you, engage them, compare notes with them, encourage them as they will you, we all are on the same page, using the same map, a huge advantage to those that are in a cookie cutter environment.


Lets not confuse being in a cookie cutter environment, with being a robot doing what everyone else is doing. The impact of your personality, your zeal, your enthusiasm, all that you bring to the table, will be  the deciding factor in whether you are success and profitable or not. Lets take the first 100 ELD”s, lets assume that they ALL use ALL of the systems, policies and procedures that I offer to them to build and run their own Business Units. At the end of the first year, there will be Business Units that have, 20, 25 or more customers, very successful , then there will be in ascending order, all of the customer totals, between the top 30, down to the bottom number, whatever that may end up to be. Why would the same 100 Business Units, presumably following the same game plan, not have the same results ?

This is where the YOU factor comes in, this is what separates Business Units from each other, this is the ingredient that will make you special, different and what will separate you from all the others. The perfect marriage will exist when you marry what Kommunicon brings to the party, and what you bring to the same party.