When in doubt, do something anything but inactivity .

I have been at the other end of countless conversations, meetings, seminars, emails, letters ( yes people use to mail pieces of paper with words on them to other people, try it some time ­čÖé and the thrust would be, ”┬áI am not getting the results that I want, need, should have, what should I do ? ”

My first response would be, ” How is your Prospecting Program going ? ”

98% of the time, the response back would be, in a varying degrees, ” ┬áI┬á┬á don’t have a Prospecting Program ” . Enough said on that subject. If you are not Prospecting you simply are not putting yourself in the game, and if you are not in the game, you certainly can not win it, can you ? Lets put Prospecting aside, that is not the reason for this post, but it still had to be said, to give what else I am going to say, some context.

Okay, activity, the right activity will reward you in many ways, here is just one way that doing the right activities, proper Prospecting activities will bear magnificent results.

Gathering Potential Prospects, Creating You Prospecting Data Lists/Files

One great advantage of doing this activity, is that it can be done 24/7 in small spurts, anytime, basically anywhere, if you have a laptop, maybe even a Crackberry( they can be good for something !!) You simply start to search out business in your Business Unit, you are looking to find, identify, collect contact data and then move on, this is strictly a data collecting  or is it ??

What happens if you come across a web site that interests you, or its one that could really use our products, or perhaps one product in particular? This is when YOU come out, who you are, your personality, your individuality, , this is when you say,

Hey, I can reach out to this person, comment on their web site, tell them what attracted me to their web site and would it be okay if I send them some info on a product that I have available that could make a difference to them and their web site……………….. or something like that, remember, this is coming from you, one person to another, really simple, nothing complicated.

This interaction comes naturally, because of what comes off of their web site and how it may effect you, so its not scripted, its not a form letter, its just a note form you to them saying what ever comes into your mind. You could collect 50 contact info files in a night and maybe, you want to reach out to just 4 or 5 of them, that’s great,. This is not a sprint, its a marathon, the winners are the people┬á who get to the finish line, some how some way, their way, just get there !!!


I never tell anyone to do something that I have not done, hundreds, thousands of times before. I always end up sending off personal, one on one emails in the course of doing my own personal prospecting activities. ( YES I prospect, every day, if I don’t, I know my prospecting lead generating base will eventually dry up, when that does, so will my business ) . I can honestly say, that over the years, I have NEVER had someone email me back accusing me of spamming them, or sending an unsolicited email, so relax on that account. Just be sure that each email is original and emanates from only one site, meaning, you reach out to each and every web site on a personal, one on one basis. If its a form letter, no matter how clever you try to cover up that fact, it will always ┬ábe ferreted out, trust me, I have tried, believe me I have tried !!