Interesting question, don’t you think !!

Here is some background on the question. During our  Sales and Marketing Seminars with our sales teams, one of the demonstrations dealt with black and white ping pong balls, here is how it went.

We would ask two  people to come up to the front of the room and demonstrate a Prospecting activity. We all know that Prospecting is simply a numbers game, the more prospects you have in your Prospecting Funnel, the more clients you will end up with, that is a given. The secret is to identify your prospects from all the other people in your ELD, that is the goal.

What if the most likely prospects were color coded black, the rest were  white, that would make everyone’s life a lot easier. So our demonstrations was simple, we would have two large garbage bags, filled with white and black colored ping pong balls, the majority of balls were white, representing non potential clients. . The demonstration was simple, each person would put their hand into their garbage bag and pull out just one ping pong ball, if it was black, they had pulled out a prospect and could put that one aside, if the ball was white, it was a non prospect and that one went back into the bag. They each had to collect 10 black balls, Prospects in the shortest possible time. Got the drill ?

We then would pull out the two garbage bags, one was a green colored bag, you could not see inside the bag,  and the other bag was a clear see through bag !!! We said go, everyone in the room started to laugh, obviously, the person with the see through bag could look in the bag and see which balls were black and just pulled those out, the other person, could not see into their bag, he was forced to pull the balls out one by one, some were black, some were white, he had a much tougher,  longer job ahead of him.


First of all, there are always more white balls than black balls in the garbage bags, your ELDs, that is just the reality of the situation we face. Luckily for us, we have products and provide a service to the majority of businesses,  in our protected territory, making are ultimate jobs, easier than most.

It WOULD be easier if we knew in advance who our real prospects were, but that is not possible, we do the next best possible option, we throw our net as wide as possible, collect as many Prospects as possible, THEN we start to sort through our Prospecting data base, letting our prospects identify themselves, as they will eventually do.

One advantage of this process, collecting potential Prospects and clients, during this process, you will identify situations where reaching out to potential Prospects will be become an natural extension of collecting possible Prospects. The result will be an natural increase in the numbers of potential prospects that turn into actual clients, avoiding the Prospecting process all together. Watch for this to happen, to you !


Remember, you have to know your numbers, and in this case, the larger your Prospecting Data Base, the larger the number of Prospects that end up in your Prospecting Sales Funnel, its inevitable that the number of clients that drop out the bottom of your Sales Funnel will be proportionally larger. Too often, people make their lives unnecessarily complicated, if you let your ELD work for YOU, then you will end up with a successful profitable business.,  Our proven successful process has  worked that way for as long as I can remember, our proven process will work for you, let it happen for you.


Great people, the best products, a proven process, this is the secret to success, its pretty simple, REALLY !! You have decided to join us, or are thinking of joining us, regardless of where you are in that process, when you make your decision, then make a commitment as well. Your commitment should be that if you do JOIN us, that you really commit to the way we have been successful, all of these years.

Follow our program, give us a chance to help you become as successful and as profitable as you are looking to be. Its your call, decide whether being an ELD is for you, becoming  a Regional Developer is your path, perhaps becoming a Joint Venture Partner is where you want to end up, your call, your choice. Once that choice is made, jump in, become immersed in our processes, our culture, work with us in making you as successful and as profitable as possible.

Note The reference to 12 Black Ping Pong Balls in the title of this post refers to the Power Of One, signing up one client a month, ending your first year with 12 clients, creating a monthly residual profit of  $ 4, 680.00 that continues month after month, without creating another sale!!