Hello Australia!

BB’s Kommunicon Business Unit is expanding into Australia Today!

Small-Business-ExpansionAustralia is one of 4 English speaking countries the BB’s Kommunicon Business Unit has chosen to initially expand in to , we are looking forward to meeting and working with YOU, on bringing Kommunicon’s products to your native soil.

We are offering part time Business Opportunities, enabling individuals to operate from home, set their own hours, keep their current income stream and work with the BB’s Kommunicon Business Unit on creating an additional residual monthly profit stream from $ 500.00 dollars to $5,000.00 dollars, all from the comfort of your own personal work environment. Details here

Tired of hearing about ground level, breaking opportunities…
…6 months after the fact ?

Be part of the fist wave of people who will be introducing and sharing BB’s Kommunicon Business Unit into Australia.

Exclusive Licensed Distributors

Our dedicated hands on sales and marketing force


Exclusive Licensed Distributors, ELD’s, will form the direct selling and marketing function enabling sales of Kommunicon products to end users to take place.

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Regional Developers

Support and work directly with our Exclusive Licensed Distributors


Regional Developers will provide support and guidance to the ELD’s in their Region; for maximum market penetration and sales.

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Joint Venture Partners

Open Up and Create New Business Opportunities Benefiting Everyone


We are looking to join forces with those who are able to create, build, train and direct a sales , marketing and distribution team within their areas.

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We are looking for individuals who want to improve their personal financial situation and at the same time, would like to be part of a sustainable, integrity driven opportunity to create some additional monthly income and feel good about what they are doing.

Controlling a protected Licensed Distributorship with the BB’s Kommunicon Business Unit means more monthly residual profits for you, check out this audio for more details. – Transcript Here


Investigate why working with the BB’s Kommunicon Business Unit will be like no other Business Opportunity you have ever seen. Unlike other Internet based companies, we are perfectly comfortable having you call us, on your phone, and discussing how we can help you achieve some of your financial goals, starting a part time business, working from home, building a residual, monthly income stream while you keep your current financial situation in place.

I am looking personally to work closely with the first wave of people in Australia that will be helping us introduce Kommunicon’s products to Australia.

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The Power of One

One KOmKard sale a month for an Exclusive Licensed Distributor, ELD creates $4,680.00 OF PROFIT

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