Advantages of Becoming an ELD, Exclusive Licensed Distributor with Kommunicon

The Definition of Insanity, By Albert E !

I think Albert E said it best, the definition of insanity is doing the same activity over and over again and expecting different results. We have all found ourselves in a rut, unable, unwilling to change but getting more and more frustrated at achieving the same poor, unsatisfactory results. If you want different results, start [...]

Do You Think There are Twelve Black Ping Pong Balls in Your ELD ?

Interesting question, don't you think !! Here is some background on the question. During our  Sales and Marketing Seminars with our sales teams, one of the demonstrations dealt with black and white ping pong balls, here is how it went. We would ask two  people to come up to the front of the room and demonstrate [...]

Traits of Successful Kommunicon Bussiness Unit ELD’s

Over the last 40 plus years, I have had the privilege and the satisfaction of helping thousands of people, just like you, start, build and grow their own successful businesses, its been an exciting journey, one that I would like to start with you. All of the successful independent business owners that I have had [...]

Most people Lead Lives of Quite Desperation, Don’t Be one of Them

    You work hard all week, but never seem to get ahead? You have a nice lifestyle, but lack the extras that you want. New house, nicer car, better vacations, all out of reach. Does the term  working poor sound all too familiar? Bills are  an  ever mounting pile.     Hope.............. I believe when [...]

How Do ELD’s Control Their Own Territory and Join the Bussiness Opportunity for FREE?

Becoming an Exclusive Licensed Distributor is as simple as one, two three. Become a retail customer, signing up for any one of these Plans, Become Social, Premium, Go Viral. Contact us, see if the geographical area you live in is available. If it is, congratulations, you become the ELD, Exclusive Licensed Distributor in your area. [...]

Why 100,000 Population Base for an Exclusive Licensed Distributor?

That's a good question ! Each ELD, ( Exclusive Licensed Distributor ) will control and develop their own Business Unit with upwards of 100,000 population base to work with. Over the years, we, here at Kommunicon have developed and built a wide range of businesses, using different business models, franchises, and we have found that [...]