Don’t Plow the Same Field Twice

If you are thinking of joining us, here at Kommunicon, or already have, this is good news for all of us. I have already done this, many times before. The " this " is bring a great product to market and do it through protected territories, owned, by owner operators, people, everyday people who are looking to [...]

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Know and Trust Your Numbers- Part One

Being in business for yourself, means knowing and then relying on your numbers to help you become successful and profitable. there will be a number of posts on this topic and this one will deal with a simple formula that will guarantee your success, yes, guarantee it !! For our example below, we will be [...]

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Most people Lead Lives of Quite Desperation, Don’t Be one of Them

    You work hard all week, but never seem to get ahead? You have a nice lifestyle, but lack the extras that you want. New house, nicer car, better vacations, all out of reach. Does the term  working poor sound all too familiar? Bills are  an  ever mounting pile.     Hope.............. I believe when [...]

Build Wide- Develope Deep

This is a term you will be hearing a great deal and the reason is simple, it affects every variable in your growth, in profits, number of clients, how large you can grow your own Business Unit. First visualize a two lines, one vertical, one horizontal, both connected in the middle, got it? The vertical [...]

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How Do ELD’s Control Their Own Territory and Join the Bussiness Opportunity for FREE?

Becoming an Exclusive Licensed Distributor is as simple as one, two three. Become a retail customer, signing up for any one of these Plans, Become Social, Premium, Go Viral. Contact us, see if the geographical area you live in is available. If it is, congratulations, you become the ELD, Exclusive Licensed Distributor in your area. [...]

Why 100,000 Population Base for an Exclusive Licensed Distributor?

That's a good question ! Each ELD, ( Exclusive Licensed Distributor ) will control and develop their own Business Unit with upwards of 100,000 population base to work with. Over the years, we, here at Kommunicon have developed and built a wide range of businesses, using different business models, franchises, and we have found that [...]

Whats a Kommunicon Bussiness Unit?

Terminology makes all the difference, as with the Kommunicon Business Opportunity, there are some definitions that you need to know, in order to navigate through the process of getting to know who we are and what our business model is. First, Kommunicon,, is the parent company, where all of the products and ideas and [...]

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Welcome to the KomKard Bussiness Group

Welcome to our web site dedicated to bringing Kommunicon products to the world, through independent, exclusive distributors. The KomKard Business Group business model is unique and very different from the standard Internet method of marketing and selling products, using the Affiliate Network method. Let me quickly point out why Kommunicon, through our KomKard Business Group, [...]

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